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Hard working inside, beautiful on the outside. That’s A-dec Inspire. With a range of design elements and adaptable configurations, you can express your individual style, while creating an updated, relaxing operatory for you and your patients.


Fixed Chair Mounts With Sidebox allow for a cuspidor, assistant's instrumentation, a monitor and light to mount on a sidebox, which is large enough to accommodate a host of ancillary support products. Finish the aluminum side covers in one of our nine Designer Friendly® powder coat paint colors.


A-dec Preference ICC® - Dental Sterilization Center

Preference ICC is not just a sterilization center. It's a complete system that simplifies maintenance and sterilization. Every detail promotes asepsis and efficiency. And just like our dental equipment, Preference ICC is built to last.


X-Mind Trium provides exceptional image quality with 75 μm voxel resolution for applications such as dental implant planning and endodontic diagnoses. Trium is fully upgradable from a 2D panoramic X-Ray to 3D, and a Cephalometric arm can be added so the device can grow with a practice.


The Planmeca Sovereign is a combination of sophisticated engineering, innovative technology, and award-winning design. It is the only dental unit on the market with both a motorized chair swivel and a motorized base, providing exceptional ease-of-use for any treatment need, such as CAD/CAM, implantology, laser treatment, prosthodontics or even anaesthesia.

Solaris 2 Dental Sterilization Center

Sterilization Made Simple — Pelton & Crane’s Solaris Sterilization Center showcases a modern design while logically organizing the sterilization area, ensuring your staff has an optimized process to keep your practice running smoothly.


Belmont Clesta Dental Operatory Light

The Clesta LED operatory light perfectly blends the technology of the award winning Bel-Halo LED treatment room light with the proven, long-term success of the Clesta halogen light to provide a powerful new tool for every dental practice.


Century package

• Spirit 1702 Dental Chair

• Alliance 1258 Ellipse Mount Delivery Unit

• Helios 1800 LED Operatory Light with Ellipse Mount

• Assistant Delivery Unit Model 22201 


The Alpha Air 3, Table Mount, is the perfect option for the General Dentist with 3 Levels of Magnification, Apochromatic Lenses for superior optics, standard 150,000 LUX LED illumination and a specially engineered Gas Piston Pantographic Arm for superior maneuverability.


The DentalEZ® In Office™ workbench offers everything you need to provide the best in office lab services.